Coronavirus Should Matter More Than September 11

Yesterday was the 21st anniversary of the September 11th attacks. On that day, as many know, more than 3,000 Americans died. Every year since, September 11 is marked with tributes to the dead, the heroes that risked and/or lost their lives, and to America itself. All of the tributes, somber, statements, and moments of silence… Continue reading Coronavirus Should Matter More Than September 11

I may get Vaccinated

As I write this, I’m not vaccinated against coronavirus. Nor do I have a plan to get vaccinated against coronavirus. But I’m not against the vaccines. I could imagine scenarios where I get a vaccine. Since I weigh in on most things, I thought I should share the reasons why I’m not vaccinated and those… Continue reading I may get Vaccinated

Biden Ignores Science Too

The verdict for this episode is: corporate profits matter more than lives. Transscript Below is my first attempt to use Zoom to help me create a transcript for a podcast episode. Obviously, I need more practice. Hello, and welcome to Jonathan’s verdicts. I’m Jonathan Simeone. The title of this episode is: Biden ignores science too.… Continue reading Biden Ignores Science Too

Never Biden

The verdict for this episode is: coronavirus has shown why Biden is a terrible candidate. In this episode I discuss a number of the ways coronavirus has shown the weakness of Biden’s proposals and the failures of his record. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 15:22 — 7.0MB) | Embedsubscribe to my podcast… Continue reading Never Biden

All About Coronavirus

The verdict for this episode is: I won’t discuss politics or the economy in this episode. I almost got through the episode honoring its verdict, but I slipped up in the last minute. While acknowledging I was speculating, I discussed the potential waves of virus and what the next year or more could look like.… Continue reading All About Coronavirus

Coronavirus and Politics

The verdict for this episode is: Congress has once again failed the American people. In this episode, I discuss how the bill being sold by Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats fails America. Topics covered include: the tying of benefits to inadequate testing; cutting people’s pay because they need to care for someone who is sick;… Continue reading Coronavirus and Politics