I got An Alexa

You Amy be wondering why I’m posting about my purchasing a smart speaker that millions of people already have. There are two reasons for that: I hate Amazon; and I hate being spied on by devices. Sadly, my boycott of Amazon smart speakers has come to an end. Those who follow this blog and podcast… Continue reading I got An Alexa

Me Singing Silver Bells

This is me singing Silver Bells. I’m doing this one for the American Council of the blind karaoke show this week, because it’s my mom’s favorite holiday song.

Fathers Get to Hide

One of the realities of adoption is that biological fathers get to hide. In most instances, very few people know they got a woman pregnant. Most people never know how they reacted when the woman they got pregnant told them of the pregnancy. If they get married after the pregnancy, their wife never has to… Continue reading Fathers Get to Hide

I’m Engaged!

On June first of 2021, I published I’m on Top of the World. At the time, I had been speaking to Desiree for five days. Writing On Top of the World, I knew my life was changing. I was having dreams of the life I always wanted but that too often seemed almost impossible.

Dear Ufi a Year Later

A year ago at this time, Ufi had been injected with the sedative that was preparing him to be relaxed when the lethal injection forced him to take his last breath. Now, I still can’t believe he’s gone. I still can’t believe all he’s still doing for me. Most of all, I know Ufi would… Continue reading Dear Ufi a Year Later

I’m on Top of the World

There are times in every life when you know something momentous is happening to you. In those moments, you realize life will never be the same. Sometimes, they are tragedies. Sometimes, they are advancements. If you are truly lucky, they are dreams coming true.