Explaining my Daily Struggles for Accessibility

The biggest reason I rarely write about or discuss the inaccessibility I overcome on a daily basis is the fear that my concerns will be blamed on my blindness–not the needless inaccessibility that so often exists.

Another reason I rarely write about or discuss the inaccessibility I must overcome on daily basis is the fear that many will, whether they are aware of it or not, use the struggles I always face as more reasons to dismiss me. Some of you may believe watching me or maybe having to help me overcome so much inaccessibility will detract from your lives. Some of you may find the struggles too frustrating to fully accept me. Some of you, when forced to think about the struggles inaccessibility regularly cause me may have to confront an unfair world your privilege allows you to ignore.

And, of course, there is the possibility that I must acknowledge that by doing this and continuing to publish things like this I will find more support than I realize. I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong. Here, being wrong would feel good. Here, being wrong would encourage me to keep sharing things I often keep to myself.

I will now share the daily struggles for accessibility and equality I too often fight alone or nearly alone.

The incidents are in know particular order. I will write them as they come to mined.

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Scorpio is Sick

The summer of stress and worry around here has continued until the fall. Yesterday afternoon, Scorpio, who is rarely sick, began vomiting. In about 10 hours, he vomited about a dozen times. He didn’t keep down his dinner or the ice cream Mom gave him. When he couldn’t keep down the boiled beef we tried this morning, it was time for him to go to the vet.

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Goodbye Emma

It has taken me almost 56 hours to write that on Tuesday August 27th we lost our beloved Emma. As Mom said, Emma had the biggest heart of any dog. Our hearts are broken. Our sweetheart is gone. Our sweetheart will never be forgotten.

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