Looking Ahead to 2024

Around the end of 2023 I wrote a post recapping what was on balance a very good year for me. This is a bit late, but it’s time to look forward to what may happen for me in 2024. The things discussed here are in no particular order.

Recapping my 2023

On December 31 of 2022, I wrote this post looking forward to 2023. Anyone who has been following me for this year understands how accurate my predictions were for this year. So, 2023 was an absolutely wonderful year for me. Prior to recapping 2023’s highlights, we need to review the bad things that happened this… Continue reading Recapping my 2023

Goodbye Val

Tuesday, July 25 at 7:04 PM we had to say goodbye to Desiree’s second guide dog, Val. Below is my goodbye letter to our beloved Val.

We Have a Home

The biggest reason I have not been updating this website is the housing issues Desiree and I have been facing. Going into this, we knew it was going to be hard. Selling a house and finding a new house, as we have been doing, is difficult for everyone. But when you add the sad reality… Continue reading We Have a Home

I got An Alexa

You Amy be wondering why I’m posting about my purchasing a smart speaker that millions of people already have. There are two reasons for that: I hate Amazon; and I hate being spied on by devices. Sadly, my boycott of Amazon smart speakers has come to an end. Those who follow this blog and podcast… Continue reading I got An Alexa

Reviewing Echoes

I was interested in watching Echoes because it’s about identical twins, and I’m an identical twin. The fact that it was recommended by Aunt Barb, who is my television guru, made me more interested in watching the show.

I’m Engaged!

On June first of 2021, I published I’m on Top of the World. At the time, I had been speaking to Desiree for five days. Writing On Top of the World, I knew my life was changing. I was having dreams of the life I always wanted but that too often seemed almost impossible.