Looking Ahead to 2024

Around the end of 2023 I wrote a post recapping what was on balance a very good year for me. This is a bit late, but it’s time to look forward to what may happen for me in 2024. The things discussed here are in no particular order.

Looking Forward to More Meaningful Work

As in 2023, I’m hoping 2024 will end with me finally doing work that both leaves me feeling like I’m making the difference I know I can make and allows me to feel like I’m reaching my potential. At this point, I’m now sure how or whether that will happen, but I know I want it to happen. I have some plans that may allow me to do some consulting work. That work, if it happens, will give me new stuff to put on my resume. It will also enable me to make more of a meaningful difference than I’m allowed to make at work. As of now, though, there is nothing in the fire that seems like it will be the kind of job I really want to do.

Taking a Family Vacation

When I was a kid, we never took a real family vacation. It would be really cool if we were able to take a real family vacation this year. I would love to give those kinds of opportunities to the girls. I have always felt like I missed out on something not having those experiences as a child.

Desiree and I are discussing a couple of possibilities. So, this one may have a good shot at coming true.

Going to the ACB Convention

Last year Desiree and I almost went to the ACB convention. We decided to get married that week instead. But we are becoming more involved with the American Council of the Blind. I know we would both really enjoy going. There are things that could keep us from going, but I hope we can have that experience together.

Getting Healthier

I hope this year ends with my blood pressure fully under control. My definition of under control means that I want to be off of the low-dose medication I have been taking since October of 2022. My pressure is much better than it was then. It’s not too high, but I want it fully in the new acceptable range.

I was almost down to 200 pounds by the wedding. I gained a few pounds around the wedding and another few around the holidays. Still, I didn’t gain too much. But I wasn’t able to achieve my goal of getting under 200 pounds by the wedding, and now I’m about eight pounds heavier than I was at the wedding. So, I’m currently on a diet with the goal of getting under 200 pounds. How much under is a decision I haven’t yet made. But it would be cool to have my weight starting with a one.

I have been lifting weights since July. I know I’m getting stronger. By the end of 2024, I want to be noticeably stronger. I also want to have much more functional strength, especially in my core and legs, than I have now. So, I have been stretching and doing exercises to target my core and legs.

I also want to leave 2024 with my patella tendinitis and plantar fasciitis both finally solved. The stretching and strengthening exercises I learned from physical therapy have helped me improve both conditions quite bit. But I till have some pain in my left foot. I also have some cracking sounds coming from my left knee. So, it would be great to have those conditions fixed.

Redoing Our Vows

The other day Desiree and I wound up discussing the possibility of renewing our vows at our house on our first anniversary. I think that would be really cool. I will always smile when I remember our wedding. Nothing will take its place in my memory. But the beauty of life is making new wonderful memories. Renewing our vows at our house would be another wonderful memory. Taking a honeymoon, something we haven’t yet done, would also be tremendous. If we go to the ACB convention, we would not be able to have a honeymoon after renewing our vows, but we may be able to do something else in July or later in the year.

The Kids

I’m not going to make any predictions for the kids during this year. But I hope I can continue improving as a father and that in 2024 they really know how much I love them and that they trust they can count on me. I think those things may already be true. But I can never take that for granted. Raising children is the most important responsibility you can have in life. I want to always give it my best.

Having a Guide Dog

It’s downright strange living without a dog. Desiree is currently at the beginning stage of applying for one. It would be really nice if she had one by the end of the year. It would be great to have a dog around the house. Also, I know having a guide dog would help Desiree a lot.

I don’t know if I will get a guide dog. As long as I’m working from home, I don’t think I would work a dog enough. But my life may someday change to the point where I feel like I should get a guide dog of my own.

Mom and Barb

Obviously, I have no control over this. But I hope for a healthy year for Mom and Aunt Barb. We can’t imagine life without those two amazing women. They mean so much to us!

They may not like me writing this, but I really hope Barb can get a knee replacement this year. I think it would change her life. I would love to help her get that done. Barb has so much to give. I know she would be happier and she would be able to do more with us if she had a knee replacement.

For my mom, I hope she can finally quit smoking for good. It would greatly improve our chances of having her around longer. Now that she’s a grandma, she has lots of people who want her love as long as we can have it.


That’s all of the big stuff I hope happens this year. I don’t know how much of this will happen. But I know all of these things would result in me having a great year. Having most of the come true would still result in me having a really special year.

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