A Night to Remember

Tonight was one of those nights we will all remember forever. It wasn’t a fancy night. It wasn’t a night where anything special happened. But it was a night where our family had so much fun and lots of laughs together.

Reviewing Luckiest Man

Jonathan Eig’s Luckiest Man is a biography of Lou Gehrig. What makes Eig’s biography of Gehrig different from the other books about him I have read is Eig’s decision to spend a lot of pages on Gehrig’s battle with ALS (the Disease that took his life and has become forever linked to him).

We Adopted Yoyo

On February third, Desiree, Mom, and I went to a local animal shelter. We wanted to bring home a cat for me. We were hoping I could have a cat that gave me some of what Mr. Rogers gave me.

Sharing Some Good News

I thought I would write a quick post to share a couple of pieces of good news.

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Looking Ahead to 2024

Around the end of 2023 I wrote a post recapping what was on balance a very good year for me. This is a bit late, but it’s time to look forward to what may happen for me in 2024. The things discussed here are in no particular order.

Recapping my 2023

On December 31 of 2022, I wrote this post looking forward to 2023. Anyone who has been following me for this year understands how accurate my predictions were for this year. So, 2023 was an absolutely wonderful year for me. Prior to recapping 2023’s highlights, we need to review the bad things that happened this… Continue reading Recapping my 2023