Shadow has Come so Far

It has been months since I have given an update on Shadow. For those who don’t remember, Shadow is a dog we rescued from an abusive, neglectful situation. The plan was to find a rescue group that would get him the help he needed adjusting and learning to socialize before finding him a new home.… Continue reading Shadow has Come so Far

Dear Scorpio

Here, at last, is my letter to Scorpio. I wish it had come sooner, but I haven’t been myself since his death. Suddenly saying goodbye to him and several other things that don’t belong here have kept me from feeling ready to pay the tribute to Scorp I want to pay. Now that I’m slowly… Continue reading Dear Scorpio

Scorpio is Gone

Writing my painful goodbye to our beloved Scorpio, I’m sitting on the floor next to his bed. Trying to best share my feelings about a wonderful friend and our sudden loss, I need to be close to him. Sitting in the place where I sat so often to rub his side just feels right.

Scorpio is Doing Better

Scorpio’s spinal arthritis had been getting worse. Mom and I were really worried when he started having trouble getting on the couch. Sometimes, he would try a couple of times with no success. For the last couple of days, though, he has been doing better.

Introducing Shadow

Shadow’s Story For about two years, Mom and I have been walking by Shadow. While our dogs were getting walked, Shadow was tied up on concrete with little room to move and often surrounded by his own crap. We don’t believe he had regular access to water. He didn’t seem to have enough to eat.… Continue reading Introducing Shadow