Desiree Singing Valentine

Last Valentine’s Day I proposed to Desiree. She said yes, and my life became instantly better!

I got An Alexa

You Amy be wondering why I’m posting about my purchasing a smart speaker that millions of people already have. There are two reasons for that: I hate Amazon; and I hate being spied on by devices. Sadly, my boycott of Amazon smart speakers has come to an end. Those who follow this blog and podcast… Continue reading I got An Alexa

Looking Ahead to 2023

Hours from the end of 2022 is a good time to look ahead to 2023. The things discussed in this post are not predictions. Nor are they entirely based on an order of hope on my part. The things discussed here are just personal things I hope happen in 2023. Circumstances may not allow for… Continue reading Looking Ahead to 2023

Me Singing Jingle Bell Rock

Here I am singing Jingle Bell Rock. I wound up doing this for karaoke tonight. Someone else got Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer before me. So, I’m doing that one next week.

Me Singing Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

Here I am singing Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer. This song will be played live this Friday on the community channel of the American Council of the Blind as a part of their weekly karaoke show.

Desiree Singing Top of the World

The first weekend Desiree and I began talking, she started singing the Carpenter’s song Top of the World. Over time, it has become our song. So, I have decided to share it here. I just love hearing her sing, especially our song.

Me Singing Silver Bells

This is me singing Silver Bells. I’m doing this one for the American Council of the blind karaoke show this week, because it’s my mom’s favorite holiday song.

Demand Our Access Episode One

This is the first episode of a new podcast I have started to teach people with disabilities about their legal rights and how to access them. I’m posting this here to share what I have been up to recently. Future episodes will be published to the Demand Our Access website. Play in new window… Continue reading Demand Our Access Episode One