National League Division Winners in 2024

On opening day I predicted the division winners in the American League. Today, it’s time for the National League.

Reviewing Luckiest Man

Jonathan Eig’s Luckiest Man is a biography of Lou Gehrig. What makes Eig’s biography of Gehrig different from the other books about him I have read is Eig’s decision to spend a lot of pages on Gehrig’s battle with ALS (the Disease that took his life and has become forever linked to him).

Predicting the American League Central

The American League Central will go like this. Cleveland Minnesota Chicago Kansas City Detroit The Cleveland Guardians The guardians are a good team in a bad division. They don’t have the talent to make a serious run in the playoffs, but their solid pitching, good defense, and opportunistic offense will be enough for them to… Continue reading Predicting the American League Central

Reviewing Willie Wells El Diablo of the Negro Leagues

Luke Bob’s Willie Wells: “El Diablo” of the Negro Leagues is a biography of former Negro Leagues player and member of the baseball hall of fame Willie Wells. As always, reading about the great players from the Negro Leagues left me feeling a mix of outrage and disappointment. The idea that those incredible ballplayers were… Continue reading Reviewing Willie Wells El Diablo of the Negro Leagues

Reviewing the Cup of Coffee Club

Jacob Kornhauser’s The Cup of Coffee Club: 11 players and their brush with baseball history is another light read that fit with my peek interest in this year’s baseball playoffs. In the book, Kornhauser introduces us to and takes us through the experiences of 11 men who managed to play in just one major league… Continue reading Reviewing the Cup of Coffee Club