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I make you six promises:

  • Accuracy
  • Short posts
  • Posts that are easy to understand
  • A desire to get to know you
  • A separation of facts and opinion
  • Laughter


Like many people, I hate being wrong. I will admit when I’m wrong though. It’s more important to me to make sure the right information is offered than it is for me to be right.

Short Posts

Every post I make in the Law and Politics category will be 300 words or less. I know you don’t enjoy all I have to say as much as I enjoy saying it. Sometimes, I will go over 300 words when I post about My Life. Maybe I like sharing my stories and thoughts.

Posts That are Easy to Understand

My goal is to share everything in a way that makes learning easy. If I don’t you won’t share your knowledge and experiences with us.

A Desire to Get to Know You

I know I don’t have all the answers. I know your experiences can teach all of us.

A Separation of Fact and Opinion

I am frustrated by the blurring of the line between news and opinion. More than most people, I have my opinions. I will never force them down your throat. Every post in the Law and Politics category will be strictly the facts as presented to the best of my ability.


I hope we will share many serious, interesting discussions. I know we will share many laughs. I, for one, cannot handle the seriousness without laughter.

About the Blog

To check out all of my content, visit the blog. In case you are only interested in certain kinds of content, the blog is divided into four categories:

  • Law and Politics
  • My Life
  • Jonathan’s Verdicts
  • Questions

Law and Politics

The Law and Politics category contains the facts about political and/or legal issues presented to the best of my ability.

My Life

My life has posts about me, book reviews, discussion of magazine articles, opinion pieces, and anything else I want to write about.

Jonathan’s Verdicts

Jonathan’s Verdicts is the category for my podcast. In each podcast, I will give a verdict or verdicts related to whatever issue is on my mind. I will then discuss the information that led to the verdict(s) I reached.


The Questions category is where I’ll ask questions I’d love to discuss with you. Sometimes, the questions will relate to an article, book, or story. Other times, I’ll ask about something that’s on my mind. In any case, I’m looking forward to reading your responses.