I'm wearing a blue jacket and sitting at a table. I'm bald.Describing This Website

I started this website about 5.5 years ago. A whole lot has changed for me and the worlds since this site began. For me, the updated tag line is correct. I am becoming more radical by the day. Since starting this website, I have become a socialist. Even more now than then, I appreciate and understand my blindness and the role it has and is playing in my life.

When I began this site, I was having what sometimes seemed like an impossible time finding work. I founded this site believing my blunt nature and different approach to politics, society, and life in general would be interesting enough for me to maybe finding a career in blogging, podcasting, and social media.

More than 5.5 years later, I have been working for almost five years. Comfortably installed in the middle class, I’m free from wondering if I need to generate money from blogging and podcasting. With that freedom and the unfortunate realities I have learned over the last 5.5 years, I have come to understand and appreciate the following:

  • My radical brand of politics will never generate much support in a world where the middle pretends to market to the left and right while actually serving the same corporate masters at the expense of those on the right and left.
  • A website with few photos and almost no video will never be popular in today’s world of short attention spans and an unwillingness on the part of most people to engage with much beyond what they have been trained to engage.
  • A blind person, no matter how substantive and intelligent will never be taken too seriously in an ableist world.

What I have learned over the last more than 5.5 years has changed me. Those changes have had an obvious change on this website. Now, I post to this site with only three goals in mind:

  • To always be true to myself
  • To always speak from my authentic voice
  • To always say what I think should be said about an issue with no regard to the popularity of my opinion

If you are one of the few who regularly visits, I thank you for your support. I you are relatively new here, I hope you will stick around. Whether many ever visit here or not, I will keep sharing the authentic thoughts of a radical, blind socialist.