I’m Living the Life I Always Wanted

It has been way too long since I updated this blog. At least this time I have lots of good things to share. Becoming a Family The girls have been here for about six weeks. They started school the day after Labor Day. The life I always wanted is truly starting to feel real! I’m… Continue reading I’m Living the Life I Always Wanted

Goodbye Val

Tuesday, July 25 at 7:04 PM we had to say goodbye to Desiree’s second guide dog, Val. Below is my goodbye letter to our beloved Val.

Getting Married Soon

In some ways, the reality that Desiree and I will be married in three days seems hard to believe. In other ways, the reality that Desiree and I will be married in three days seems absolutely wonderful! Sitting here in the middle of the night, thinking about our wedding, and looking forward to our life… Continue reading Getting Married Soon

There Will be No Default on the Debt

With the politicians and media dutifully doing the bidding of business and convincing most people that the debt ceiling is a serious problem; rather than the manmade policy designed to keep government from working for the people, I thought it would be good for me to share exactly what will happen over the next week… Continue reading There Will be No Default on the Debt

We Have a Home

The biggest reason I have not been updating this website is the housing issues Desiree and I have been facing. Going into this, we knew it was going to be hard. Selling a house and finding a new house, as we have been doing, is difficult for everyone. But when you add the sad reality… Continue reading We Have a Home

Reviewing Night Shift

Night Shift is the latest in Robin Cook’s Jack Stapleton & Laurie Montgomery series. I have read almost all of the Jack and Laurie medical thrillers and several of Robin Cook’s other books. As always with one of Cook’s books, I was entertained and mildly educated by reading Night Shift.

Predicting the American League Central

The American League Central will go like this. Cleveland Minnesota Chicago Kansas City Detroit The Cleveland Guardians The guardians are a good team in a bad division. They don’t have the talent to make a serious run in the playoffs, but their solid pitching, good defense, and opportunistic offense will be enough for them to… Continue reading Predicting the American League Central


I like a lot of Billy Joel’s songs. But Allentown is one of his songs I like the best. I appreciate the truthful story he tells about the political and business failures and their associated greed that rocked the Midwest in the 1970s and 1980s.