More Debt Ceiling Nonsense

The title of this episode is: More Debt Ceiling Nonsense. The verdict for this episode is: talk of the mythical debt means the American people will lose again. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:48 — 1.7MB) | Embedsubscribe to my podcast Apple Podcasts | TuneIn | RSS | Subscribe to Jonathan’s Verdicts

McCarthy’s Struggles Highlight Squad Weakness

I’m writing this shortly after Kevin McCarthy failed for the second time to receive enough votes to become speaker of the House. While I fully expect McCarthy will end the day as speaker of the House, his failures and the concessions the hard right is getting from him demonstrate how weak the squad and the… Continue reading McCarthy’s Struggles Highlight Squad Weakness

The Senate Should be Abolished

In this episode, I make the case for abolishing the Senate. Transcript The Title of this episode is: the Senate should be abolished. The verdict for this episode is: the Senate’s purpose is to prevent progress and maintain systems of oppression. I do not call for the abolishment of the Senate lightly. I realize limiting… Continue reading The Senate Should be Abolished

Democrats Never do Anything

Show Notes In this episode, I give examples and highlight how continuing to vote for Democrats will never result in meaningful change. Transcript The title of this episode is: Democrats never do anything. The verdict for this episode is: Nothing will fundamentally change until people stop voting for Democrats. As someone who supported Bernie Sanders… Continue reading Democrats Never do Anything

Forcing People Downtown is Racist

Across America, politicians are doing, as they always have, representing their wealthy donors at the expense of workers, people of color, people with disabilities, and anyone not wealthy. But the so-called return to work movement is not just the usual ableism, classism, and racism we have come to expect from politicians. It’s also the related… Continue reading Forcing People Downtown is Racist

Corporate Donations Prevent Advocacy

Corporate influence over nonprofits through donations is something that is rarely discussed. This is especially true when we consider the influence corporate donations to nonprofits has on advocacy efforts of those nonprofits. While this reality is true for almost every nonprofit, I will use the example of blindness organizations to highlight this point. I’m using… Continue reading Corporate Donations Prevent Advocacy

Democrats Help Far-Right Republicans

If you follow politics at all, you are familiar with Democrats pretending they are protecting America from Republican efforts to destroy democracy. As you will see, in an effort to potentially improve their political fortunes Democrats are using millions of dollars to amplify the messaging of far-right candidates who believe the 2020 election was stollen… Continue reading Democrats Help Far-Right Republicans