WIC Explained

This is the first in a series of posts that will describe government benefits programs offered by the United States. The next section will give basic details about the Women and Children’s Nutrition Program (WIC). The subsequent section will give facts about WIC participation.

The Convenient Liar is Worse Than the Pathological Liar

Many people, certainly including me, focus on the staggering amount of lies Donald Trump tells daily. We all want to believe he is a true outlier. People, including me, regularly discuss how America has never had a liar like Trump in government. It’s true America has never had someone in government who lies as often… Continue reading The Convenient Liar is Worse Than the Pathological Liar

Reviewing The Pinochet File

The Pinochet File produced by Peter Kornblugh and the National Security Archive uses declassified US government documents and phone conversations to demonstrate America’s involvement in Chile through the ’70s and ’80s. With shocking, stunning detail, Kornblugh uses government secrets to tell a story that will surprise most Americans.

Consequences for Politicising our Lives

I need to make one thing clear: no one’s health insurance is in immediate jeopardy. Still, the Affordable Care Act is now facing its biggest threat. The possibility that 20 million insured Americans will lose their coverage is now real. There is a chance those with preexisting conditions will no longer have the opportunity to… Continue reading Consequences for Politicising our Lives

America needs National Voting Standards

I’m writing this about an hour after we learned three Florida races are headed for recounts and the same may happen in the contest for Georgia’s governor. All of this is happening against the backdrop of a midterm that saw the highest voter turnout of any midterm election since 1970–in spite of the GOPS voter… Continue reading America needs National Voting Standards

Predicting Important Governor Races

The races for the governors office in several states are absolutely critical. The reason is that the governors will play a big role in the drawing of district maps after the 2020 census. In order to limit Republican efforts to gerrymander even more districts so Democrats can’t compete, the elections for governors offices really matter.

I will Never Face it

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