Consequences for Politicising our Lives

I need to make one thing clear: no one’s health insurance is in immediate jeopardy. Still, the Affordable Care Act is now facing its biggest threat. The possibility that 20 million insured Americans will lose their coverage is now real. There is a chance those with preexisting conditions will no longer have the opportunity to purchase coverage. Children under the age of 26 currently getting insurance from their parents’s policy could soon be uninsured.

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What the Kavanaugh Confirmation Process is Really About

All of the dirty tricks and breaks from tradition being perpetrated by the GOP to make sure Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed are happening for one reason: Republicans are aware they are likely to lose the House in November. In 2020, they are likely to lose the Senate and the presidency. The only way they can continue running America is to make sure the judicial branch is staunchly conservative. That way, judges can rule efforts to make the country more progressive and tolerant unconstitutional.

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