Reviewing Crip Camp

Crip Camp is about a group of activists with disabilities who met as teenagers at a summer camp in New York State and took over a federal building when the Carter administration wasn’t agreeing to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

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Reviewing Tiger King

Yup, I watched Tiger King. It was real trashy entertainment. I rarely binge watch. Tiger King won’t change that.

I began the show believing zoos should be outlawed. Obviously, nothing in the show changed my mind. Zoos are cruel places that prevent animals from living anything that approximates their natural lives. There is simply no way to begin to make zoo life anything that looks and feels like life in the wild.

There wasn’t a single character I liked. They were either immoral, weak, or both.

As cynical as I can be, I couldn’t accept the idea that Joe Exotic came in third in Oklahoma’s race for governor, something the show discussed. The reality is he ran for the nomination of Oklahoma’s Libertarian Party and came in third in a three-person race. He only got 664 votes. The show really overplayed reality on that part of the story.

I think Joe Exotic deserved to be convicted. I hope many more people from the show wind up in prison.

Even though I watched all seven episodes, I’m glad it’s over. There is no way I would watch a second season. I felt dirty when I finished.

Reviewing the Flu that Killed 50 Million

The Flu that Killed 50 million is a BBC documentary on the worldwide pandemic of 1918. As someone who enjoys history and didn’t know much about the pandemic, I found The Flu that Killed 50 million to be an interesting documentary. I’m not entirely sure it’s completely accurate, but the documentary paints a reasonable picture of what drove the pandemic.

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