Reviewing a Game as Old as Empire

A Game as Old as Empire builds on Confessions of an Economic Hitman. Edited by Stephen Hiatt, A Game as Old as Empire is a collection of essays by people who are confessing their participation in the abuse of people around the world committed by governments and corporations working together.

Over a decade old, some of the data presented in A Game as Old as Empire is no longer accurate. Some of the programs described have been changed or deleted. But the book is a critical contribution to our understanding of the ways governments, especially the United States, abuse and exploit people at the behest of multinational corporations.

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The Truth About Those of us who Support Bernie Sanders

The verdict for this episode is: the media is lying about those of us who support Bernie Sanders.

In this episode, I discuss my personal history, why I support Bernie, and I demonstrate how the media is lying about those of us who support Bernie. I also include a history lesson for those who attack populist candidates.

I Would be Dead or in Prison

The verdict for this episode is: Uncle Sam isn’t always the devil.

In this episode, I discuss how some on the left, whom have taught me a lot, have to stop seeing America as always wrong. Sure, America has done loads of terrible things. But America isn’t always wrong.

Reviewing True Flag

Stephen Kinzer’s True Flag: Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the birth of American Empire is an important examination of another portion of American history too few Americans understand. Specifically, the book looks at the discussion of American imperialism that took place during and after the War of 1898.

The book uses the experiences and words of Theodore Roosevelt and Mark Twain to primarily tell the story. Roosevelt represents the faction of Americans who, ruled by racism and corporate greed, believe in American imperialism. Twain, on the other hand, has traveled extensively and understands the immoral nature and foolishness of imperialism.

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Reviewing All the Shah’s Men

Stephen Kinzer’s All the Shah’s Men is one of those books far too few Americans have read.. In All The Shah’s Men, Kinzer details how the CIA led a coup to overthrow the democratically elected Iranian government of Mohammad Mosoddegh after his decision to nationalize Iran’s oil industry.

Since many Americans don’t realize the reality that America has a long history of overthrowing democratically elected governments in favor of governments that will enable corporations to exploit their people,, I will share two links. Here, the CIA publishes a review of All the Shah’s Men. While it is unwilling to go as far as Kinzer has, the review makes it very clear that the CIA played a leading role in overthrowing Mossaddegh and that the regime change era it embodied hasn’t worked out well for America.

The State Department has released reports on the United State’s action in Iran providing numerous details about the CIA-led coup in Iran.

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Reviewing Overthrow

Stephen Kinzer’s Overthrow reviews a century of America’s overthrowing governments from Hawaii to Iraq. Overthrow is simply one of the most consequential books I have ever read about American foreign policy. Given what is happening in Syria and Chile and the reality of the 2020 election, people interested in politics would do well to read Overthrow now.

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The Teller and Platt Amendments Explained

I consider myself a student of history. I like to believe I have a good grip on why American history has unfolded the way it has unfolded.

Yesterday, I learned about the Teller and Platt Amendments for the first time. I’m writing about them because they say so much about the dominance America wishes to hold over other nations, the way American imperialism was a driving force behind Castro taking over Cuba, bungled foreign policy, oppressing people of color in the name of corporate profit, and outright racism and white supremacy on the part of the United States.

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Trump and Ukraine

Donald Trump is the least competent person to ever serve as president of the United States. He is also a white supremacist, sexist, ableist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic moron who builds his base by encouraging hatred.

I have been in favor of impeachment since the day he took office. I have believed impeachment was the right course of action for Democrats since Mueller stumbled through his weak testimony in July.

Given the events of the last few weeks, it should be obvious that the impeachment of Donald Trump is an absolute must.

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