More Debt Ceiling Nonsense

The title of this episode is: More Debt Ceiling Nonsense. The verdict for this episode is: talk of the mythical debt means the American people will lose again. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:48 — 1.7MB) | Embedsubscribe to my podcast Apple Podcasts | TuneIn | RSS | Subscribe to Jonathan’s Verdicts

Corporate Donations Prevent Advocacy

Corporate influence over nonprofits through donations is something that is rarely discussed. This is especially true when we consider the influence corporate donations to nonprofits has on advocacy efforts of those nonprofits. While this reality is true for almost every nonprofit, I will use the example of blindness organizations to highlight this point. I’m using… Continue reading Corporate Donations Prevent Advocacy

Corporate Fines Provide the Elusion of Punishment

We regularly learn about the “Justice” department, the “environmental Protection Agency”, and the “Security and Exchange Commission” fining corporations for conduct amounting to fraud, intentional pollution, and a host of things rising to the level of criminal conduct. In all of these settlements, the corporation agrees to pay what sounds like a large fine and… Continue reading Corporate Fines Provide the Elusion of Punishment

Political Wins are Offensive

In the aftermath of Democrats passing their dumpster fire of a bill that fails to address climate change and the bipartisan giveaway to chip makers, politicians and their media can’t stop talking about political wins. According to the media and the Democratic Party, the bill dedicating 46.1 percent of what the Pentagon will spend this… Continue reading Political Wins are Offensive

Individualism Makes Many Hate

There are many reasons why the capitalist class, their politicians, and their media constantly focus on the absurd myth of individualism, but one of the most misunderstood reasons for their devout focus on individualism is the way it encourages people to hate each other. Anyone who knows anything about America knows that individualism only applies… Continue reading Individualism Makes Many Hate

Survival Shouldn’t Depend on a Job

I have to start by making four things clear: Most people aren’t inherently lazy. Most people want to work. Most people want to take pride in what they accomplish through their work. Most people, sadly care way more about their employer than their employer will ever care about them.

McKinsey Highlights Political Corruption

In case you don’t know, McKinsey is a consulting firm that regularly works for both corporations and the government agencies pretending to regulate them at the same time. Yes, these kinds of conflicts are the norm in Washington. They defy commonsense. They are obviously unethical arrangements. The conflicts are so breathtakingly obvious that no person… Continue reading McKinsey Highlights Political Corruption