Climate Change Bill Screws the Poor

Amid the false fanfare about the transformational aspects of Joe Manchin’s supposed climate change bill is the way Democrats are using it to make corporations and the wealthy wealthier while further disadvantaging people living in poor communities, especially people living in poor communities of color.

Thoughts on the Climate Fires

I know most people refer to the fires raging up and down the West coast as wildfires, but they are actually climate fires. Humans are the reason so much is being destroyed. Humans are the reason so many animals are being killed. Humans are the reason the air is so terrible. Humans are the reason… Continue reading Thoughts on the Climate Fires

Klobuchar is safe, Centrist, and Unacceptable

I just finished watching a CNN town hall with Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar. While Senator Klobuchar was as centrist as I thought she was, her sincerity and honesty will give her staying power in the race. Even though I have nothing against Klobuchar, her centrist policies make her an unacceptable candidate to me.