Getting Money to Those Most Needing it

With Congress talking about sending every American a check, I thought I should propose an idea that would get money to those most likely to need it, those most likely to be hurt by coronavirus, and would be relatively easy to implement. I will next share the idea. Then, I will discuss its pros and… Continue reading Getting Money to Those Most Needing it

Reviewing A Dog’s Purpose

Last night I watched the movie A Dog’s Purpose. I love animals, especially dogs. When it comes to animals I’m certainly not afraid to tap into my sentimental side. So, A Dog’s Purpose was a slightly emotional enjoyable movie to me.

A Median Income for Teachers

Recent teacher strikes in places like Oklahoma and West Virginia have shown many how underpaid and unappreciated America’s teachers have become. Stories about teachers having to purchase basic school supplies have demonstrated the dedication of teachers, in spite of the constant disrespect. Stories of teachers having to take second jobs to pay their bills have… Continue reading A Median Income for Teachers