Reviewing A Dog’s Purpose

Last night I watched the movie A Dog’s Purpose. I love animals, especially dogs. When it comes to animals I’m certainly not afraid to tap into my sentimental side. So, A Dog’s Purpose was a slightly emotional enjoyable movie to me.

When I write reviews, I don’t give away important parts of the plot. Generally, A Dog’s Purpose is about a dog who, through reincarnation, figures out a dog’s purpose through four different lives. While the reincarnation piece doesn’t fit with my worldview, I appreciate the idea of constantly working to improve by questioning what you are doing.

The movie does attribute more of a detailed thought process to the dog than I’m certain dogs actually have, but the script wouldn’t work without a reasonable degree of reflection. Since I enjoyed and was touched by the story, the parts that were unrealistic didn’t bother me.

Since the dog is reborn several times, there are, obviously, a couple of sad parts in the movie. One scene in particular brought tears to my eyes. Those tears helped make the movie more valuable to me.

If you love dogs, you appreciate a good story with a happy ending, and you aren’t afraid of emotions, A Dog’s Purpose is worth a watch. If you have children, it may even help you have some important discussions.

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