My Online Dating Profile

Yesterday, I wrote about my online dating experiences. Below is the online dating profile I currently have. I put a lot of thought into this. I thinking it does a good job summing me up and describing what I’m seeking.

My tagline is: I love my excellent life, but I’m missing you.

I have a job I really enjoy and can make a difference. I love my home. My pets are great friends. I’m here looking for the woman who can make my excellent life even better.

Together we can create the true love almost everyone dreams of but few ever experience. Together we will be greater than the sum of our parts. Together we will inspire each other to create our destiny and become the best versions of ourselves we can become.

I want to fall in love with my best friend. The best sex is making love. You can’t have trust without vulnerability. Trust must be earned. Once earned, trust must be cherished. The healthy sharing of emotions is an expression of trust and commitment—not a sign of weakness. Listening and communicating, in that order, brings a couple closer together. Compromise is one of the best ways to show commitment. Fidelity is a necessity. Affection is an essential part of a healthy relationship. Respecting the differences between you and your partner and desiring to learn from those differences guarantees lots of fun activities that will bring you closer together. Successfully walking the line between attentiveness and jealousy provides the support everyone needs while offering the space to grow. Your word is your bond. Oops, I may have plagiarized Michelle Obama. Laughter is awesome! The best part of the journey is sharing its difficulties and triumphs with that special person who makes the difficulties less difficult and the triumphs more triumphant.

Accepting responsibility for your mistakes is a sign of character. Acknowledging your weaknesses is as important as is knowing your strengths. Telling the truth, even when you may not want to, demonstrates integrity. Charity says more about you than does the size of your bank account. The heart is the most important part of the human body. The brain is the most beautiful part of the human body. Compassion and sympathy truly matter. A life without learning is a life not worth living. Our personal growth is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and those we love.

There is nothing bad, embarrassing, or shameful in my past. As long as you are honest about yours and actively trying to learn the lessons it offers to teach, yours will not bother me. Without our pasts we wouldn’t be the people we are. Without your past you wouldn’t be the woman who interests me.

Raising compassionate children is the greatest gift we can give society. That being said, I would rather be with the right woman and have no children than I want to have children with the wrong woman.

I strive every day to live as much of my life as I am capable from a place of love. Being true to my true self as often as I am capable will enable me to continue creating the life I desire.

Stimulating conversation is a must. Animals are great friends. Books are almost always better than movies. Spectator sports are fun. A good song is one that reminds you of a time you enjoy remembering. Quirks, like singing even though you cannot sing, make you more interesting. Recognizing that these profiles only tell a small portion of the story and understanding that someone may help us rethink something we have included is a sign of maturity.

Blindness has helped make me the man I am today. I am confident in and comfortable with myself. I know I have a lot to offer a very special woman. If you enjoyed what you have read, I would suggest you suspend any assumptions, as much as can be done, about my blindness. Let’s get to know each other and see where that leads. You never know, we could share our last first date.

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