Married at First Sight Season Seven Review

Yes, I watch Married at First Sight. Yes, I’m very late with this review. I know season eight has begun.

I’m late because I watch the show with Aunt Barb, who got me into it, and we haven’t had time to finish. But I have caught up on what was the weirdest season so far.

Now because the Internet is clamoring for someone who has never been married to review a show on marriage, here is my review.

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My 2018

I’m a little late with this, but it’s time to recap my 2018. On the whole, 2018 was a great year for me. I left 2018 feeling as good about the future as I can remember.

This year in review will have two main sections:

  • Accomplishments
  • Things that Didn’t go as Planned

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My Experiences With Online Dating

In a two recent personal updates, I mentioned online dating. Here is a summary of my experience. Before getting into the details, though, I want to make two things clear: while my experiences with online dating have sometimes been hurtful and sucky–I know they have taught me valuable lessons;I recently began online dating again, because I know I’m going to find the woman I’m seeking. I don’t know if I’ll find her online. I’m certain I’ll find her though. Yeah, there’s one more thing I should make clear: online dating has also shown me areas of personal weakness that needed work. In the interest of transparency, I will address those too. I never claimed perfection. I promised a willingness to keep growing–even if growing means accepting difficult truths and working to fix them. I can’t ask you to confront your stereotypes if I won’t confront mine.

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