Our Trip to the Oregon State Fair

My face is wshowing through a hole in a sign that says Oregon State Fair.
Yesterday, mom, Eve, and I went to The Oregon State Fair. It was my first time attending the fair. I’m looking forward to going again. I feel like there was more I would have done.

While I’m not a fan of exhibiting animals (especially when they are being exhibited in conditions that don’t seem appropriate) I do get more out of the animal exhibits than many may. For the first time, I touched the teat of a milk cow and a pygmy goat. If it weren’t for the exhibits, I wouldn’t be able to picture those things. Even though I am glad I can now picture things I couldn’t before, I would still vote to make these kinds of things illegal.

Speaking of animals, we spent a few minutes watching horses parade around a ring. I enjoyed listening to them trot and the noises their riders were making to communicate. We certainly have a hierarchy when it comes to animals. Pigs, goats, chickens, and the like are not nearly as loved as are horses, dogs, and cats.

While I usually like fair food, the elephant ear, fried dough, I had was a huge disappointment. It was undercooked and not thick enough. With a price tag of seven dollars, something I wouldn’t have minded for quality, I was especially disappointed. I didn’t even finish the elephant ear.

The vanilla ice cream cone I got from something that may be called The Red Dairy Barn (signs aren’t my thing) was good. It was cold, creamy, and soft. Just what I was expecting.

There wasn’t much I could touch in the section dedicated to creations. But I decided Mom should enter either the cake or pie baking contest next year. We will see if my lobbying efforts are successful.

I normally like rides. I didn’t go on any yesterday, because I had a bit of a headache, Mom and Eve don’t ahve the same taste in rides I do, and the rides are expensive. When I go again, I will purchase a bracelet and experience many of the rides.

Given the public nature of the fair, it certainly had its political content. There were people on both sides of ballot question 105 (which seeks to overturn Oregon’s status as a sanctuary state). Can you guess which side I support?

My first trip to The Oregon State Fair was a good one. I’m looking forward to next year. Hopefuly, Mom will be entered in one of the contests; I’m sure she could win something.

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