Reviewing Jane Corry’s Blood Sisters

Jane Corry’s Blood Sisters isn’t as popular with me as it is with many. It took me weeks to finish the book. The plot was just too slow. That being said, I’m glad I read Blood Sisters. The story wound up taking some interesting and thought-provoking turns.

As always, I won’t give away any important pieces of the plot. I will say Blood Sisters was good at framing familial conflict and highlighting how that conflict often grows from personal weaknesses that aren’t addressed. The book presents excellent examples of how much can go wrong when people won’t ask themselves the hard questions. It also does a great job communicating the damage parents can do to children when they aren’t good communicators and they refuse to tell children the truth.

Lastly, I was glad by the ending of Blood Sisters. Before the ending, I was thinking I was getting another picture-perfect ending–the kind that happens to often in fiction.

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