Reviewing Bob Woodward’s Fear: Trump in the White House

Bob Woodward’s Fear: Trump in the White House doesn’t provide any surprising information or startling allegations for people who have been following the disgrace known as the Trump administration. Still, I’m glad I read the book. If you enjoy politics, want to learn more about the most dysfunctional administration in American history, or you simply want to learn more about some of the people and scandals that have dominated our politics for the last few years, you should read the book.

The most interesting part of reading Woodward’s book to me was my reaction to it. On one hand, I found myself glad that some in Trump’s White House were removing documents from his desk, lying to him, and doing all kinds of things to obstruct the parts of his agenda that are too outrageous for even most Republicans. But every time I felt myself breathing a sigh of relief, I had to remind myself how wrong it is for subordinates to be undermining the president of the United States. That’s certainly not a trend we can afford to become the norm.

Even more difficult to take was the idea that those most often credited with distracting Trump are themselves awful people.

  • Rob Porter abused both of his former wives.
  • John Kelly is a racist and misogynist.
  • Gary Cohn was willing to trade his dignity for a tax cut that will benefit his family and friends at the expense of America.

The biggest message I took from Woodward’s new book is that history will remember the Trump administration as the sleaziest, most corrupt, incompetent administration America has ever had. Sure, we didn’t need another book to tell us that. But the lengths to which these unethical people lie and cheat to everyone to achieve their desires is truly shameless. Fear: Trump in the White House certainly provides anecdotes that enrich the story we have all known is ongoing.

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