Reviewing Sound Asleep: the Expert Guide to Sleeping Well

Sound Asleep: the Expert Guide to Sleeping well is another of my attempts to conquer insomnia. While I had no desire to read this book, I found it in a list of books on BARD, I decided I should try to learn more about my enemy.

I’m glad I read this book because it strengthened my belief that blindness doesn’t have to result in a permanently disrupted circadian rhythm cycle. It also helped talk me out of considering medication to help fight my battle with insomnia (something I began considering a few days ago when I was really struggling).

Now that I have read this book, I’m determined to keep reading about sleep. I’m far too curious to believe any book, especially one that’s five years old, contains all the information I would appreciate knowing. Still, finishing the book was a bit of a milestone for me. It has encouraged me to really try establishing a regular time to wake and sleep. I’m also going to try taking a hot shower at least 30 minutes before bed and letting myself try to sleep while by body cools. That bit of science made sense to me.

Sound Asleep: the Expert Guide to Sleeping Well didn’t feel like a guide to everything I want to know about sleep and insomnia. It was a useful read and I feel it will be an important part in my battle with insomnia.

If you have any recommendations for books I may want to read about sleep and insomnia, please let me know.

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