Personal Updates for June 28, 2019

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the National ADA Symposium. The annual conference brings people working in the disability field together to learn from and network with each other. I really enjoyed the conference. I hope I get to go again next year. I came back from the conference energized and excited to use what I have learned.

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My Inaccessible Student Loan Site

I have student loans to pay back from law school. Recently, my loans were, without my knowledge, transferred to a new provider. When I went to create an account with the new provider, I discovered their website has a major accessibility issue. During the account creation process, you must elect an image as a part of their security features. There was no way for me to tell what the different images showed or for me to select an image. Unable to select an image, I was unable to create an account. Unable to create an account, I can’t make payments toward my loan.

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I Can’t Just Show up

Many people without disabilities feel the need to comment that people with disabilities aren’t more included in society because we don’t show up enough. This ableist, uninformed argument demonstrates how little many people without disabilities understand life for those of us with disabilities. You have no idea how badly I wish it was as simple as showing up more often.

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Financial Freedom for People With Disabilities

The Stephen Beck Jr. Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (ABLE Act) allows people with qualifying disabilities to establish tax-free financial accounts. I’m going to answer the questions I had about ABLE accounts when I began researching them. When I discovered what I am going to share with you, I couldn’t wait to create my own ABLE account.

I will take the questions in the order I believe makes the most sense. If you have any comments about ABLE accounts, feel free to share.

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