There is no Such Thing as Underprivileged

It has become acceptable to use words like underprivileged, underrepresented, and underserved. But as hard as corporations, politicians, and the media try to convince, there is no such thing as being underprivileged.

The corporate masters, their politicians, and their media love throwing around terms like underserved communities and underrepresented demographics. These relatively new terms, we are repeatedly told, have become popular to highlight a commitment to equity and inclusion. The Corporate masters and their political and journalist servants coined these terms so they can tell us all what they are doing to be more equitable toward underserved communities and how they are working to increase participation from underrepresented communities. They really want us to see all they are doing to help the underprivileged.

But all of this false commitment to equity, no matter how many fancy terms they use to describe it, exists to distract from reality.

We have underserved communities, because the politicians at the behest of their corporate masters have deliberately chosen over centuries to ensure resources are directed away from what they now call underserved communities.

The disability community, communities of color, and many other communities are underrepresented in corporate America, politics, and the media, because centuries of deliberately discriminatory laws and policing have ensured all communities but that of wealthy, Christian white men are underrepresented.

Simply put, America was designed to force people into segregated communities so the laws could direct the resources to wealthy white communities. The police are then used to ensure the intensionally underserved communities aren’t able to fight against their underprivileged status. All of these new terms, no matter how nice they sound, are used to cover for the ongoing, systemic discrimination that serves as the foundation of American society.

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