Survival Shouldn’t Depend on a Job

I have to start by making four things clear: Most people aren’t inherently lazy. Most people want to work. Most people want to take pride in what they accomplish through their work. Most people, sadly care way more about their employer than their employer will ever care about them.

But Most people are lazy. Most people hate their jobs and can’t wait for time off. Most people take little pride in their work and don’t care too much whether the customer is served.

The difference between how most people want to approach their work and how most people actually approach their work results from most employers not caring about their employees or their customers. All that matters to businesses in this capitalist world is profits. If dangerous working conditions make more money, the workers can get hurt or die. If dangerous products make more profits, they will sell dangerous products until the lawsuits cost too much.

In a humane society, people would care about their employer. In a humane society, people would want customers to have good experiences. Since the capitalist class values profits more than our safety and lives, never mind satisfaction, they create terrible working conditions and offer benefits most people know suck.

If we didn’t have a society designed to maximize corporate profits at the expense of our lives, we wouldn’t have a society where survival depends on employment and the quality of employers.

If people didn’t know their survival depended on their job, and if they didn’t know their employer is doing as little as possible to help them survive, many more people would be invested in their employer and its customers. This can’t happen under capitalism. The capitalist class doesn’t imagine its workers as human beings with the kinds of needs and feelings those of us who aren’t in the capitalist class know almost every person holds.

Since we are nothing more than tools of production, the capitalist class has created a society where most people suffer and few will ever have a chance to thrive. For most, life is a struggle to survive. For too many, it’s a struggle they will lose.

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