Forcing People Downtown is Racist

Across America, politicians are doing, as they always have, representing their wealthy donors at the expense of workers, people of color, people with disabilities, and anyone not wealthy. But the so-called return to work movement is not just the usual ableism, classism, and racism we have come to expect from politicians. It’s also the related… Continue reading Forcing People Downtown is Racist

Coronavirus Should Matter More Than September 11

Yesterday was the 21st anniversary of the September 11th attacks. On that day, as many know, more than 3,000 Americans died. Every year since, September 11 is marked with tributes to the dead, the heroes that risked and/or lost their lives, and to America itself. All of the tributes, somber, statements, and moments of silence… Continue reading Coronavirus Should Matter More Than September 11

Political Wins are Offensive

In the aftermath of Democrats passing their dumpster fire of a bill that fails to address climate change and the bipartisan giveaway to chip makers, politicians and their media can’t stop talking about political wins. According to the media and the Democratic Party, the bill dedicating 46.1 percent of what the Pentagon will spend this… Continue reading Political Wins are Offensive

Their Privilege Depends on Our Oppression

One of the reasons none of the governmental agencies or corporations that repeatedly profess their commitment to equity inclusion are neither equitable or inclusive is the reality that oppressed people can’t be honest about our truths. Whether people want to admit it or not, reality is that victims of oppression have no chance at additional… Continue reading Their Privilege Depends on Our Oppression

Disability Discrimination Really Hurts

I’m sad and disappointed tonight. I feel like way too much is a fight and that the world simply doesn’t try hard enough to accommodate people with disabilities. We are more marginalized than any other group. That’s the truth whether people like it or not. This post has updates on my job search, things at… Continue reading Disability Discrimination Really Hurts

Unity is a Tool of Oppression

The verdict for this episode is: unity will not result in change. In this episode, I discuss how Biden’s focus on unity is promoting the status quo, refusing to change, and upholding systemic oppression. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 9:36 — 4.4MB) | Embedsubscribe to my podcast Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts… Continue reading Unity is a Tool of Oppression

Eat the Rich

The title of this post is based on a hashtag used by folks wanting to destroy capitalism. Even though I have never used the hashtag, I recognize that capitalism has been, is now, and always will be an engine of oppression. I further realize that the destruction of capitalism is necessary for America to even… Continue reading Eat the Rich