Vacationing in Texas

I’m writing this post from Desiree, my fiancĂ©’s, office in the middle of the night. I took six days off from work and have been enjoying time with Desiree in Texas.

I’m Engaged!

On June first of 2021, I published I’m on Top of the World. At the time, I had been speaking to Desiree for five days. Writing On Top of the World, I knew my life was changing. I was having dreams of the life I always wanted but that too often seemed almost impossible.

I Finally Have a New Eye

In May of 2019, I began having issues with my prosthetic eye. Amazingly, it has taken about 31 months for me to reach a point where I have some confidence that the problem may be fixed.

I’m on Top of the World

There are times in every life when you know something momentous is happening to you. In those moments, you realize life will never be the same. Sometimes, they are tragedies. Sometimes, they are advancements. If you are truly lucky, they are dreams coming true.