Personal Updates for March 28, 2021

This post has updates on my weekend, exercise, baseball starting, and my prosthetic eye.

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Disability Discrimination Really Hurts

I’m sad and disappointed tonight. I feel like way too much is a fight and that the world simply doesn’t try hard enough to accommodate people with disabilities. We are more marginalized than any other group. That’s the truth whether people like it or not.

This post has updates on my job search, things at work, and Joe Biden falling down.

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Personal Updates for August 23, 2020

This post has updates on this website and my exercise.

Updates on This Website

Recently, I discussed the need to update the pages on this site. While the updates aren’t final, I have added material to both the About Me page and the Questions About my Blindness page. If you have any questions you would like answered, feel free to use the Contact Me page.

These pages, and the rest of them, are works in progress. I let them go too long without updates.

My Exercise

Today is the 73rd consecutive day I have reached my exercise goals. This week, I noticed my average heart rate on the elliptical going lower than I want. On Saturday, the workout was easier than I felt I needed. If that remains true, I will start upping the resistance in about a week.