I’m on Top of the World

There are times in every life when you know something momentous is happening to you. In those moments, you realize life will never be the same. Sometimes, they are tragedies. Sometimes, they are advancements. If you are truly lucky, they are dreams coming true.

The last five days have felt like the possibility of a dream I have had since the age of five is truly possible. I have felt like the things I have always wanted and that have so often seemed so far out of reach are finally mine to live.

I admire all you have done and are doing. I respect your determination and character. I am learning the skills you have that I never will. I see how the skills I have complement yours. I am inspired to learn the lessons I know you can teach me. I can’t believe how easily and often we communicate.

Most of all, you have helped me bring the nearly impossible to life. Thanks to you, I imagine things I have always imagined, but for the first time my deepest imaginations have a name, a voice, a personality, and stories I didn’t create.

Thanks to you, I have spent a couple of days walking around humming a Carpenters song. Thanks to you, the goofy smile I now couldn’t stand to be without causes Mom and Barb to laugh almost every time they see me.

I can’t be 100% sure of exactly what will happen. But I am 100% sure you have made fantasy reality. Surely, a reality that feels so spectacularly good won’t end without the happiest of endings.

So, thank you for the chance to feel alive in ways many, including me, dream of experiencing but few actually do.

I woke up on a workday after a five-day vacation loving life and thrilled to have the day. I’m thrilled to have the day because it’s another day to live this dream with you and to see what we can make of the lightening in a bottle we hold together.


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