I’m a Year Older

In honor of getting a year older, I thought I should share a few thoughts.

I don’t feel any older than I did yesterday. Birthdays don’t bother me, because I know I’m continuing to improve. That’s the ironic thing about aging. We can’t improve and learn without aging. Yet, most people don’t like aging.

Sure, my muscles don’t bounce back the way they once did. My knees hurt more than they ever have. Those are small prices to pay for the understanding and accepting of myself that grows stronger all the time.

I don’t have any profound predictions for the next year of my life, and I know I can sometimes be overly optimistic when I make predictions about my future. But sitting here, I’m feeling very hopeful about this next year of my life. I have been on a bit of a role lately. For some reason, I feel it will continue through this year.

That’s not to say everything will be perfect. Life isn’t perfection. We need pain and mistakes to grow and better appreciate good fortune. So even though the next year of my life won’t be perfect or free of pain, and with the many mistakes I’m sure to make, I feel at peace with what is happening in my life.

If I were to bet, I would bet on this being one of the best, most rewarding years of my life. I feel good that all the work I have done on myself and all I have worked through will finally show some of the payoffs I have been longing to achieve. I have no idea which things will come true. But I truly believe that when I post on my next birthday, life will be different and even better. than it is now.

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