I may get Vaccinated

As I write this, I’m not vaccinated against coronavirus. Nor do I have a plan to get vaccinated against coronavirus. But I’m not against the vaccines. I could imagine scenarios where I get a vaccine.

Since I weigh in on most things, I thought I should share the reasons why I’m not vaccinated and those that could compel me to get vaccinated.

Why I’m not Vaccinated

Let me be clear: I’m not anti vaccination. I have all the vaccines I’m expected to have. I have gotten the flu shot each of the previous two years. But the truth is the coronavirus vaccines are new. No one knows what the long-term impacts will be on us. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are based on an entirely new way of delivering vaccines. So, their is even less known about them than the others.

Since I’m relatively healthy, and because I can protect myself very well from coronavirus without the vaccine, I don’t feel like I need to rush into it. That doesn’t mean I believe the vaccines will cause great long-term harm. All it means is I can, for now, afford to wait.

I’m also very frustrated by the sad reality that the West is hoarding vaccines. The truth is the West has decided people’s ability to go to restaurants and bars is more important than the people of Asia and Africa staying alive. Even though my unused vaccine won’t go to any of the people in other countries needing it more than me, I wouldn’t feel good about taking it yet. Sadly, the next section will demonstrate my breaking point.

Reasons why I Would get Vaccinated

They have begun talking about having us resume going to the office at least a couple of days a week beginning in July. If that happens, I would need to start riding the train again. Under those circumstances, I would be much more likely to get vaccinated. The idea of being inside a train car with no idea of who is masked and who is not is a situation that would make me uncomfortable.

Someday, I will want to leave Oregon for a trip. Maybe I will visit my family in Massachusetts. Maybe Mom, Aunt Barb and I will take a trip. Maybe just maybe I will meet someone I want to visit. Hey, this is my post. I can dream.

I can’t imagine getting on a plane without the added protection a vaccine would afford. And, of course, there is all the people I would encounter in airports and wherever I wound up going.

They will eventually know more about the vaccines than they do. Someday, they will be updated to account for variants. As much as I love data and thinking about things, additional information could encourage me to get vaccinated. I may even have an idea which vaccine would really be best for me.

Acknowledging Other People’s Situations

Since vaccines and masks have absurdly become political, I want to make sure everyone understands I appreciate that whether to get vaccinated and when to get vaccinated is a personal choice. There are many good reasons why someone would get vaccinated. Even though I’m hesitant, I have respect for the decision to be vaccinated.

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