Reviewing Addicted, Pregnant, Poor

Kelly Ray Knight’s Addicted, Pregnant, Poor is an important read. Addicted, Pregnant, Poor tells the stories of women in San Francisco who are addicted to drugs and pregnant. Their stories tell a spectacular story of government failure, discrimination, and cruelty that far too often defines America.

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People Relying on Social Security Shouldn’t be Living in Poverty

Previously, I have written about my own experience relying on federal benefits to survive. As someone who has needed benefits and is lucky enough to no longer need them, I want to discuss how bad benefits are for those needing them the most.

That statement doesn’t mean I’m ungrateful for the help I received; rather, it’s a truth about the challenges I had to overcome. Without the benefits I got, my situation would have been much worse. But my situation isn’t the same as everyone else’s. Some people will need benefits for their entire lives. Others don’t have access to the support I did when I was in such need. In the richest country ever–no one needing assistance should be living far below the poverty level.

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