Their Privilege Depends on Our Oppression

One of the reasons none of the governmental agencies or corporations that repeatedly profess their commitment to equity inclusion are neither equitable or inclusive is the reality that oppressed people can’t be honest about our truths. Whether people want to admit it or not, reality is that victims of oppression have no chance at additional inclusion unless we make our oppressors comfortable.

America was designed to be oppressive. Every government in America (whether it be federal, state, or local), was designed to oppress. By definition, every corporation is oppressive. Yet, I have never seen an equity and inclusion statement that directly acknowledges the harm done by the entity and the harm actively being perpetrated by the entity while overtly committing itself to undoing the harm it has caused and is causing and working to make whole those harmed.

Even worse, when those of us who are regularly oppressed are open about our oppression our oppressors and those benefiting from our oppression get defensive. In many instances, the small crumms thrown our way to provide the elusion of equity for those foolish enough to fall for it creates resentment from many of our oppressors and those benefiting from our oppression.

An entity is not interested in equity and inclusion until that entity fully and honestly acknowledges the harm it has caused, works to repair the harm it is perpetrating, protects the oppressed from retaliation, refuses to defend direct oppressors, and allows the oppressed to lead the organization out of its oppressive culture.

This is why I know there isn’t a single governmental entity or corporation that truly believes in a more equitable society. If those of us who are systematically oppressed had equitable opportunities and could achieve equitable outcomes, our oppressors would lose their privilege. Simply put, their privilege depends on our oppression.

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