Getting Money to Those Most Needing it

With Congress talking about sending every American a check, I thought I should propose an idea that would get money to those most likely to need it, those most likely to be hurt by coronavirus, and would be relatively easy to implement. I will next share the idea. Then, I will discuss its pros and cons.

The Idea

Getting Money to Those Suffering Through Poverty

Increase every Social Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability (SSDI), and Aid to Families with Dependent Children (TANF), payment by three thousand dollars a month for the duration of the pandemic.

Send every family registered for the school lunch program three thousand a month for the duration of the pandemic.

Send every person receiving Medicaid and every family with a child getting insurance through the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), who has not qualified for additional benefits under this plan three grand a month for the duration of the pandemic.

Suspend all asset limits associated with SSI, SNAP, and TANF for six months after the pandemic ends for everyone who qualifies under this plan during the pandemic.

Taking Care of Seniors

Send each person getting Social Security Retirement benefits a minimum of an additional two grand a month for the duration of the pandemic. Using the brackets associated with Social Security Retirement benefits, those usually receiving smaller checks could get up to three grand a month for the duration of the pandemic. I don’t have the brackets in front of me. So, I’m not going to establish the different payouts here. If the numbers are better, I would be happy giving those getting the most in retirement benefits nothing. I proposed giving every recipient of retirement benefits at least two thousand a month because every worker who pays enough to the system gets something out of the system.

Taking Care of Those who Become Unemployed

Every person who loses their job during the pandemic will get their full salary up to four thousand a month. This benefit will continue passed the duration of the pandemic and last as long as the person qualifies for unemployment.


Those most likely to suffer the most damaging physical harm from coronavirus are seniors and people with disabilities. This plan makes sure just about every senior and every person with a disability who isn’t working too much to qualify for benefits will get a nice boost in their monthly benefits.

Families with children, especially those families getting food from school, are going to be really hurt by school closings. This plan will give families registered for the school lunch program an additional three thousand dollars every month to purchase more food and maybe get some child care.

Obviously, millions of Americans are going to lose their jobs. Under a pandemic, families who really need help shouldn’t suffer a loss in monthly income because someone looses their job.


This plan is a little harder to implement than is simply sending every American a check. But everyone who would qualify for this plan is either already in the system or will be soon. Even better, many folks who would qualify for this plan already get cash benefits. So, it would be easy to add to their checks.

Like every plan, I’m sure this plan would miss people who need benefits. But this plan does a good job of getting more money to those who truly need it without wasting money on too many who really don’t.

This plan doesn’t cover health care, housing, utility payments, and loan payments. While I would address those issues, I don’t want this post to go on for pages.

Obviously, I don’t have the models. I have no idea how much this plan would cost. But I don’t care how much this plan would cost. In my view, this is the kind of financial assistance those most likely to suffer financial and/or physical harm during this pandemic need.

Lastly, some families may qualify for multiple benefits. While that could be reigned in, I wouldn’t do so. For once, let’s give those so often ignored a real chance to survive. If some of them also do some thriving, I’ll be very happy.


That’s one man’s solution to part of the financial problems faced by individuals and families during this terrible time. I would love to know what you think. If you agree, please share this post.

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