Maybe Good News on Ufi

We are trying to keep from getting too excited, but there may be some very good news on Ufi’s long-term health.

Ufi was diagnosed with terminal cancer nearly eight months ago. At the time, he was given two or three months to live. As the months have passed, we have been amazed by his continued life and the happiness he still demonstrates.

Thursday, Mr. Rogers had a routine checkup and vaccination appointment. Since we were at the vet, I asked about Ufi. It turns out our vet has been wondering how he is still doing so well.

Currently, she believes there is a chance the growth in his leg isn’t cancerous, but she can’t be sure.

To find out, Ufi is going to the vet on Tuesday. They are going to take images of his leg to see the exact size of the growth and what it’s doing now. If the growth doesn’t look much worse, Ufi will have images done of his chest.

The chest images will be designed to see if any cancer has spread. The most critical area will be the lungs. Apparently, the kind of cancer he may have regularly spreads to the lungs.

If the images of his chest show no spreading, we will have the leg amputated. If the leg is amputated, there is a good chance Ufi will be walking and even playing again in a couple of weeks. More importantly, he will no longer be in pain.

At this point, all we can do is hope. If you have been following Ufi’s journey, keep your fingers crossed on Tuesday. With some luck, we could find out Ufi will be with us for a couple more years.

Before ending this post, I have to give a special mention to Aunt Barb. She is the one person who never accepted the idea that Ufi had cancer. On Tuesday, her faith could be rewarded.


  1. Hi Jonathon – Thank you for this great news! Good luck tomorrow. We’re looking forward to hearing the outcome. Stay well, stay safe. Best – Dean.

  2. Hi! Fingers crossed for Ufi!!! I’ve been following your pup’s progress, and perhaps miracles really exist. I hope so! ~Jacki

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