Mr. Rogers has Been Gone for Six Months

It some ways, it’s hard to believe, but my beloved died six months ago today. Sometimes, it feels like he has been gone a few days. Other times, it feels like he has been gone for years. No matter how it feels from day-to-day, my heart still aches for my amazing friend and the loss… Continue reading Mr. Rogers has Been Gone for Six Months

Dear Mr. Rogers

At 3:22 PM on Friday, March 25, 2022, you took your last breath. You took your final breath on my chest in my chair, where we had shared so much time together. While the idea of losing you is incredibly painful, I know it had to be this way.

Dear Scorpio

Here, at last, is my letter to Scorpio. I wish it had come sooner, but I haven’t been myself since his death. Suddenly saying goodbye to him and several other things that don’t belong here have kept me from feeling ready to pay the tribute to Scorp I want to pay. Now that I’m slowly… Continue reading Dear Scorpio

Scorpio is Gone

Writing my painful goodbye to our beloved Scorpio, I’m sitting on the floor next to his bed. Trying to best share my feelings about a wonderful friend and our sudden loss, I need to be close to him. Sitting in the place where I sat so often to rub his side just feels right.