Coronavirus and the Economy

The verdict for this episode is: none of the plans proposed in Congress are good enough. In this episode, I discuss ways to get government assistance to those most needing it during the pandemic. Specifically, I address getting cash to people who really need it, health care for everyone, rent and mortgage relief, student loan… Continue reading Coronavirus and the Economy

Getting Money to Those Most Needing it

With Congress talking about sending every American a check, I thought I should propose an idea that would get money to those most likely to need it, those most likely to be hurt by coronavirus, and would be relatively easy to implement. I will next share the idea. Then, I will discuss its pros and… Continue reading Getting Money to Those Most Needing it

People are Dying

The verdict for this episode is: mean tweets are not the story! In this episode, I use my own story of not having health insurance, being unable to pay for regular heat, and being on SNAP to show how the media’s focus on tweets demonstrates their elitist privilege. Play in new window | Download… Continue reading People are Dying

Klobuchar is safe, Centrist, and Unacceptable

I just finished watching a CNN town hall with Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar. While Senator Klobuchar was as centrist as I thought she was, her sincerity and honesty will give her staying power in the race. Even though I have nothing against Klobuchar, her centrist policies make her an unacceptable candidate to me.

Better Finances for People With Disabilities

The verdict for this episode is: everyone involved with the disability community should learn about ABLE accounts. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 14:35 — 6.7MB) | Embedsubscribe to my podcast Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | TuneIn | RSS | Subscribe to Jonathan’s Verdicts

Financial Freedom for People With Disabilities

The Stephen Beck Jr. Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (ABLE Act) allows people with qualifying disabilities to establish tax-free financial accounts. I’m going to answer the questions I had about ABLE accounts when I began researching them. When I discovered what I am going to share with you, I couldn’t wait to create my… Continue reading Financial Freedom for People With Disabilities