People are Dying

The verdict for this episode is: mean tweets are not the story!

In this episode, I use my own story of not having health insurance, being unable to pay for regular heat, and being on SNAP to show how the media’s focus on tweets demonstrates their elitist privilege.

The Public Option for Health Insurance Will Fail

The verdict for this episode is: Medicare-for-all is the only option.

In this episode, I demonstrate how the health care plans of Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg will fail the American public.

Consequences for Politicising our Lives

I need to make one thing clear: no one’s health insurance is in immediate jeopardy. Still, the Affordable Care Act is now facing its biggest threat. The possibility that 20 million insured Americans will lose their coverage is now real. There is a chance those with preexisting conditions will no longer have the opportunity to purchase coverage. Children under the age of 26 currently getting insurance from their parents’s policy could soon be uninsured.

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Democrats Will win the Senate

With voters going to the polls in less than 48 hours in one of the most important elections in American history, I thought I would try to predict some outcomes. The caveat here is that unreliable polling data, Republican voter suppression, and the unique interest in this election makes predicting results difficult. Still, I love politics and making what I hope are accurate guesses is fun.

I will make predictions in the most important Senate races being decided.

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John McCain Isn’t a Hero

Since John McCain’s passing on Saturday the tributes have been nearly constant from the right and the center. On the true left, the message has been mixed. McCain’s terrible foreign policy decisions (the war in Iraq) to name one have been criticized. Both groups are missing the point.

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