Bernie Sanders Continues to Disappoint

Supporting Bernie Sanders in both 2016 and 2020 looks more foolish by the day. I am truly ashamed by the amount of money I gave him, the time I donated to his campaigns, and worst of all the hope I had in him.

Desiree Singing Top of the World

The first weekend Desiree and I began talking, she started singing the Carpenter’s song Top of the World. Over time, it has become our song. So, I have decided to share it here. I just love hearing her sing, especially our song.

Me Singing Silver Bells

This is me singing Silver Bells. I’m doing this one for the American Council of the blind karaoke show this week, because it’s my mom’s favorite holiday song.

Forcing People Downtown is Racist

Across America, politicians are doing, as they always have, representing their wealthy donors at the expense of workers, people of color, people with disabilities, and anyone not wealthy. But the so-called return to work movement is not just the usual ableism, classism, and racism we have come to expect from politicians. It’s also the related… Continue reading Forcing People Downtown is Racist

Me Singing Piano Man

Desiree has gotten me to try karaoke. Actually, I decided to sing to encourage her daughter to give karaoke a try. I wound up finding it fun. So, I am giving it a try.

Corporate Donations Prevent Advocacy

Corporate influence over nonprofits through donations is something that is rarely discussed. This is especially true when we consider the influence corporate donations to nonprofits has on advocacy efforts of those nonprofits. While this reality is true for almost every nonprofit, I will use the example of blindness organizations to highlight this point. I’m using… Continue reading Corporate Donations Prevent Advocacy