I’m Adjusting to My new Life

Obviously, no one imagined how life would be today two months ago.

I have worked from home for three weeks. I anticipate working from home at least through the end of May.

While I wish I could do more things, part of me likes working at home. I have an easier time concentrating. I like having Ufi, Mr. Rogers, and Scorpio around. Mom and I get along very well. So, it’s just a nice environment.

I really miss sports, especially baseball. I can’t believe there is a good possibility the entire 2020 baseball season will be cancelled. I doubt the NBA and NHL seasons will finish.

I found this page that has lots of old baseball radio broadcasts from 1934 through 1973. It has been really cool to listen to the old games, and listening them does a little to quench my thirst for baseball.

I wish there were old radio broadcasts of NBA and NHL games, but I haven’t found any yet. If you know of any, let me know. I was going to take advantage of the NBA’s free access to archived television broadcasts, but the NBA app is not the most accessible app. So far, I haven’t figured out how to access the archived games.

On politics, I have decided I will never again support a candidate who isn’t completely supportive of Medicare-for-All. If coronavirus can’t get America to understand people deserve health care, I’m not going to back politicians.

The coronavirus does make me think about being single more than I did before it. There is no question going through the quarantine with someone would be better than not going through the quarantine with someone. But there’s not much one can do about being single when they are trying to stay home.

I almost considered online dating again. But it isn’t something I want to go through now. And, there’s the current problem of meeting someone. So, it’s going to be what it’s going to be for the duration of the pandemic. Sadly, I think it will be months.

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