Ufi is all Right

I haven’t given an update on Ufi since we got the bad news. So, I wanted everyone to know he is all right.

We had a bit of a scare last weekend; he was very lethargic and struggling to walk. Since he had been doing much better than he was, I wondered if the increase in medicine to help with his pain had been too much. After talking to the vet, we decided to reduce one of his medicines. Since then, he has been doing pretty well.

The other evening, he went out to the front yard, did some digging, and played a bit with his toy. Watching him play and listening to him bark was wonderful for Mom and me.

He still walks around the house quite a bit. Today, he went outside and enjoyed the sun.

All things considered, Ufi is doing all right. I think we will have him for awhile longer.

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