Not the News we Wanted Regarding Ufi

We took Ufi to the vet on Tuesday hoping for the best. Sadly, his cancer diagnosis was confirmed.

The tumor in his leg is eating away the bone so that it’s now very thin. The vet is amazed he is still alive, never mind walking around.

Images of his chest showed no obvious signs of spreading. Given the condition of his leg, though, we can’t be sure there hasn’t been spread somewhere.

Given his age, his underlying medical conditions, and the weight he has gained, the vet doesn’t feel like he’s a good candidate for amputation. Also, he still puts weight on the bad leg. That means he would have trouble adjusting to being without it.

We have increased his pain medication. So far, he is still walking around. Last night, he even played with his toy for a few minutes. His tail still wags a lot and he still gets happy to see us.

At this point, Mom and I are focusing on keeping him comfortable, letting him enjoy what he can, and loving him. Given how long he has lasted, we have no idea how much more time we will have with Ufi. But we know the time we have left with Ufi will be a treasure.


  1. No, this is not what we hoped for. Sorry. Keep on doing what you’re doing, keep him comfortable and enjoy your time with him.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear the news. But you and your mom really love that sweetheart, and I know you both will do what’s best for Ufi when the time comes. We’re sending you much support and love. ~Jacki

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