McCarthy’s Struggles Highlight Squad Weakness

I’m writing this shortly after Kevin McCarthy failed for the second time to receive enough votes to become speaker of the House. While I fully expect McCarthy will end the day as speaker of the House, his failures and the concessions the hard right is getting from him demonstrate how weak the squad and the… Continue reading McCarthy’s Struggles Highlight Squad Weakness

Pelosi Represents her District

As you will see, Pelosi represents a very wealthy district. With that wealth, comes very few people living without insurance and a poverty level far below the national average. The reality that Pelosi represents a district with a demographic profile much more befitting of a Republican is why she governs from the right. The speaker… Continue reading Pelosi Represents her District

House Progressives Could Choose the Speaker

The verdict for this episode is: since they are Democrats, House progressives will not use the power they have. In this episode, I discuss how House progressives could remove Pelosi choose the next speaker, and get real benefits for using their power to choose the next speaker. I also discuss why this option is much… Continue reading House Progressives Could Choose the Speaker

Coronavirus and Politics

The verdict for this episode is: Congress has once again failed the American people. In this episode, I discuss how the bill being sold by Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats fails America. Topics covered include: the tying of benefits to inadequate testing; cutting people’s pay because they need to care for someone who is sick;… Continue reading Coronavirus and Politics

Thoughts on Muller’s Testimony

I have been very critical of Robert Muller. I shared my thoughts on Muller’s report. Yesterday, I wrote questions I wanted to see Muller answer today. With as much as I have read about, listened to, and thought about Muller and his report, I would have never imagined his testimony going the way it did.

The Omar Double Standard

We have to begin by making one thing that should be obvious but apparently isn’t clear: criticizing Israel doesn’t make someone antisemitic. Israel is a government. It does not represent all Jewish people. Questioning governmental policy shouldn’t be seen as attacking an entire religion.