The Two-Party System Must be Abolished

The verdict for this episode is: our politics will not work until the two-party system is abolished.

In this episode, I use the impeachment trial to demonstrate how the two-party system is broken beyond repair.

Thoughts on Trump’s Impeachment

The verdict for this episode is: the Republican’s defense of Trump is embarrassing.

In this episode, I discuss the arguments made by Trump’s defense team.

Democracy is Failing on Both Sides of the Atlantic

The verdict for this episode is: Western democracies don’t represent the will of the people.

In this episode, I discuss how the results in the recent UK election and those in some recent American elections don’t reflect the votes cast by the people.

Clinton set us up for Trump

Impeachment and conviction shouldn’t be only about conduct that satisfies a criminal statute. Impeachment and conviction shouldn’t be about strictly a political question. Impeachment and conviction should also involve questions of morality. No, a president shouldn’t be removed from office for committing adultery. Addultrey is wrong, but it’s not immoral enough to rise to the level of removal from office wrong. Questions of morality should impact impeachment when moral failings have taken place around a president’s official duties and responsibilities. to demonstrate this point, let’s discuss Bill Clinton.

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Reviewing The Impeachers

Brenda Wineapple’s The Impeachers covers the impeachment of Andrew Johnson. Given the current impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump, The impeachers is an important read. The reality that many don’t understand the Johnson impeachment, makes The Impeachers even more important.

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Trump and Ukraine

Donald Trump is the least competent person to ever serve as president of the United States. He is also a white supremacist, sexist, ableist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic moron who builds his base by encouraging hatred.

I have been in favor of impeachment since the day he took office. I have believed impeachment was the right course of action for Democrats since Mueller stumbled through his weak testimony in July.

Given the events of the last few weeks, it should be obvious that the impeachment of Donald Trump is an absolute must.

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