Trump and Ukraine

Donald Trump is the least competent person to ever serve as president of the United States. He is also a white supremacist, sexist, ableist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic moron who builds his base by encouraging hatred.

I have been in favor of impeachment since the day he took office. I have believed impeachment was the right course of action for Democrats since Mueller stumbled through his weak testimony in July.

Given the events of the last few weeks, it should be obvious that the impeachment of Donald Trump is an absolute must.

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What the Kavanaugh Confirmation Process is Really About

All of the dirty tricks and breaks from tradition being perpetrated by the GOP to make sure Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed are happening for one reason: Republicans are aware they are likely to lose the House in November. In 2020, they are likely to lose the Senate and the presidency. The only way they can continue running America is to make sure the judicial branch is staunchly conservative. That way, judges can rule efforts to make the country more progressive and tolerant unconstitutional.

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Reviewing Luke Harding’s Collusion

The Guardian’s Luke Harding has written an incredibly detailed, informative book about Russia’s involvement with Trump, the Trump campaign, and the 2016 election. In Collusion Dirty Money, Secret Meetings, And How Russia Helped Trump Win Harding describes Trump’s 30-year relationship with Russia. Even for someone, like me, who has followed the Russia investigation passionately, Harding’s work is truly worth the time.

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Michael Flynn’s Russia Involvement Explained

The verdict for this episode is: Flynn’s guilty plea proves the so-called fake news is right a lot of the time.

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