My Thoughts on the Mueller Report

I’m publishing this way later than I wanted. At least I have read the entire report.

  • Muller found no criminal conspiracy because criminal conspiracy requires at least two people knowingly conspiring to break the law. Don Jr. and others were ignorant of the law. So, they couldn’t conspire.
  • Collusion is not a legal term. So, Muleer could never have found collusion. The report demonstrates dozens of instances of Trump campaign officials colluding with Russians to influence the election.
  • Muller, citing an Office of Legal Counsel opinion from the Nixon administration stating a sitting president can’t be indicted, refused to say Donald Trump obstructed justice.
  • But he said he would have said Donald Trump didn’t obstruct justice if he could have said Donald Trump didn’t obstruct justice.
  • The report walks through 10 instances where Donald Trump could have obstructed justice. In my view, there is little doubt Donald Trump did obstruct justice.
  • You don’t need an underlying crime to obstruct justice. Republicans are lying about that.
  • The most damning instance of obstruction occurred when Trump tried to get former White House Counsel Don McGhan to fire Muller.
  • Donald Trump didn’t sit for an interview with Muller; instead, he answered written questions.
  • None of the written questions addressed obstruction of justice.
  • Trump said he didn’t remember as an answer to roughly 30 questions.
  • Muller said Trump’s written answers were inadequate.
  • Don Jr. refused to answer any questions from Mueller.
  • Several witnesses used encrypted devices to communicate. So, their activities couldn’t be completely investigated.

That’s what I think is worth knowing from the Muller report. I hope it was helpful.

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