My First Experience with Racism

As I said on my About Me page, I was raised in the small town of Winchester, Massachusetts. Winchester is a small, very white town. As a young child, I never thought about race.

I Got Paratransit

In I Signed up for Paratransit, I described how paratransit is a service offered by local public transit that provides people with disabilities shared ride services within the transit system’s boundaries at a discounted rate.

Hitler’s American Model

J.Q Whitman’s Hitler’s American Model is one of the most interesting books I’ve read. Whitman demonstrates how Nazi Germany’s Nuremberg Laws were influenced by several racist American laws.

Learning from Gabby

Gabby is one of my mom’s older sisters. She was born cognitively impaired. Her childhood was absolutely terrible.

A Lesson Learned

I was a few weeks into my freshman year of college when I attended my first collegiate party. Having never had many friends, I was nervous. Having rarely drank, I was quickly affected by the booze.

Watching Emma Get Old

In Introducing Emma I shared the story of how a lovable great Pyrenees showed up in Mom’s yard one morning. Nearly three years later, “the beautiful white one” as I call her has made a special impression on those of us lucky enough to love her.