My First Day Fighting Insomnia

My first night trying to beat insomnia started well. It didn’t end well though.

I got to bed at 9:14. I was sound asleep in minutes. I even had a dream about someone showing up in the backyard and telling me I bought the wrong shed. According to this guy, I could have purchased a shed with a second floor and a kitchen for the same price. I actually remember getting pissed in my sleep that I made a terrible deal.

I woke up and couldn’t stop myself from checking the clock. It was only 1:36.

I tried to go back to sleep, but it was no use. I started thinking about everything I would see at work today. Since I refused to check my work email (I didn’t want to risk getting upset) I couldn’t turn off my brain.

Note to self: you could have never imagined the nonsense you encountered at work. So, screw it and try to sleep.

After reading the newspapers, I went back to bed. Then, I kept thinking about the book I read, a few of the people who never replied to me on online dating, and baseball.

Eventually, I admitted defeat and did my exercise.

I was tired today–what else is new? But I’m going to try again tonight. I am going to beat this damn thing!

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